Moisture Measurement and Control

The new and innovative M007 microwave resonance technology provides real time moisture and density measuring.  Data generated by the M007 system is uniquely interfaced to provide real time automated process control solutions. Our range of instruments includes:

1. In line high speed sensors

2. Portable hand held devices

3. Laboratory instruments

Microwave Resonance Technology

  • M007 microwave resonance technology is the most accurate in line and real time moisture measuring method
  • M007 Sensor generates a low-powered microwave field resonating characteristically within well-defined pa­rameters which change depending on water content.
  • Several thousand readings are taken, displayed and recorded every se­cond.
  • Microwaves penetrate deeply into a product, to detect water both inside and on the surface without affecting it
  • The M007 systems are not influenced by density, particle size, colour, shape or form of the product analysed
  • The systems require one-time calibration for the product or products to be measured
  • Durable ceramic , stainless steel sensor with no mechanical components