PLCs and Computers

  • For Smart Feedmill and Smart Batching we use Mitsubishi PLC, which is a competitive high end brand, easy to maintain, durable and has excellent reliability and 24/7 service.
  • For Smart Pellet we use B&R PLC which is more suited to this part of the process
  • We use Dell computers, which have good reliability, long life, easy to maintain and on site service (clients can select their own computer brand if they prefer a local service)


  • Mitsubishi PLC is one of the top four PLC in the world.
  • We can get the best technical support from Mitsubishi PLC manufacturer
  • When there is a need for expansion, with Mitsubishi PLC, we only need to change the CPU module and add the new input/output but with many other PLCs we will need to change the whole hardware to support the expansion needs which is much more expensive.
  • With Mitsubishi PLC’s SFC programming language, you can debug and monitor the process easily.
  • With Mitsubishi PLC, you can back-up the entire PLC program and all PLC data in the local work station.
  • We use Mitsubishi PLC Q-Series which is the newest Mitsubishi PLC model providing a warranty of more than 17 years and spare parts.

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